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Knowledge Partners

ASFI’s Knowledge Partners are at the cutting-edge of their respective fields in sustainability and sustainable finance, and represent academia, industry, and science-based organisations. Together, the expertise, tools, and resources of these organisations support financial institutions operating in Asia to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-developing sustainable finance landscape and to proactively address emerging risks and opportunities. 


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Advisory Group

The ASFI Advisory Group is comprised of Singapore-based finance sector industry associations who provide strategic guidance on industry priorities and developments to ensure ASFI meets the needs of financial institutions.

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Collaborating organisations

ASFI works collaboratively with the following organisations

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What our partners are saying about ASFI

“The ABS is pleased to be in the ASFI Advisory Group. This initiative is aligned with our mission to collaborate with stakeholders to focus on developing and implementing sustainable financing that benefits customers, communities, environment and banks.”
Mrs. Ong-Ang Ai Boon, Director,
The Association of Banks in Singapore
"AIGCC looks forward to working with ASFI to reach a wide range of investors in Asia to accelerate the integration of climate change into investment portfolios. As Asia becomes increasingly vulnerable to the physical impacts of climate change, investors will need to play a more active and vital role as the fiduciaries of capital in the region to spur the transition to net zero carbon economies by 2050 - in accordance with the Paris agreement."
Rebecca Mikula-Wright, Director,
Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC)
“CDP is pleased to join the Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative as a knowledge partner. The finance sector has a significant role to play in shifting capital to a low carbon economy.  As the global environmental disclosure system, CDP’s data and insights enable investors and stakeholders to effectively manage environmental risks and opportunities. This is crucial for paving a path to sustainable growth in the region that does not come at the cost of the environment.”
Paul Simpson, CEO, CDP
"50% of products sold in European supermarkets contain products linked to tropical forests, including from Asia. Human prosperity is therefore inextricably linked to the natural capital provided by the world's rainforests. In order to achieve sustainable economies, the production, trade, and financing of key forest commodities must account for the value provided by nature. Global Canopy sees multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation as critical to achieving this and we are proud to be working with fellow ASFI knowledge partners and the finance sector on new frontiers for sustainable investment.“
Andrew Mitchell, Founder and Director, Global Canopy
“In the context of increasingly complex risks and opportunities, companies that integrate good governance, environmental, and social criteria into the core of their business strategies are the ones that succeed. Financial institutions play a critical role in shifting business models towards the economy of the future – not only to manage risk and opportunity but also to create resilient and prosperous regional economies for all stakeholders. NUS' Centre for Governance, Institutions, and Organisations  (CGIO) is proud to be a Knowledge Partner of ASFI, and looks forward to further collaborations to spearhead sustainable finance best practices for the betterment of the region and beyond.”
Dr. Lowrence Loh, Director, CGIO NUS Business School
“We look forward to supporting the creation, adoption, and constant improvement of sustainable finance best practice across Asia. There is so much we must do to ensure that investing is aligned with sustainability and that financial institutions properly integrate material environment-related risks into their decisions. ASFI is a great vehicle for building capacity and expertise on sustainable finance across the region and we look forward to contributing.“
Ben Caldecott, Founding Director,
Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme
“SGX RegCo has mandated sustainability reporting amid growing awareness of the important role that corporates play in ESG issues. We look forward to being an advisory partner to the ASFI and contributing to an ecosystem for sustainable finance. Our engagements with fellow partners will in turn help us support companies in meeting the demands of our increasingly savvy investors and financiers."
Tan Boon Gin, CEO, SGXRegCo  
“UNEP Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) is pleased to become a knowledge partner of Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative. As a long-standing global partnership between the United Nations and the global finance industry, UNEP FI recognizes the immense positive energy that can be created when financial institutions work together to accelerate the development of sustainable finance. We look forward to sharing our global experiences and expertise."
Eric Usher, Head, UNEP Finance Initiative
“The success of financial institutions depends on their capacity to manage all types of risks, from credit to legal ones. The launch of the Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative underscores that environmental and social risks can also substantially impact businesses. Fintech solutions that provide quality information and efficient analyses are critical to driving excellence in sustainable finance – banks and investors cannot manage what is not measured. Through platforms like Global Forest Watch Pro, World Resources Institute is keen to support the sector in leveraging big data to make informed decisions and reduce environmental risks.”
Luiz Amaral. Global Manager for GFW Commodities and Finance, World Resources Institute (WRI)
"Building on the success of its recent work, such as its PACTA tool, on aligning global portfolios with the Paris Agreement goals, 2°ii looks forward to working with ASFI on developing and promoting the application and use of scenario analysis by financial institutions, governments, and policymakers. By grouping leading organizations developing tools, frameworks, and research on sustainable finance, together with financial institutions for the promotion of sustainable finance in Asia, ASFI is providing a fast-track for implementation of best-practices by mainstream financial institutions."
Stanislas Dupre, Founder, and CEO,
2 Degrees Investing Initiative
“IBF is glad to be a partner in the Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative (ASFI). There is a compelling opportunity for the finance sector to play an active role in steering firms and economies toward sustainable growth and development. To do this well, we need to create awareness and help individuals and financial institutions build their knowledge base and acquire relevant skills. We look forward to working with WWF and other partners on this important initiative”
Lydia Wee, Deputy CEO, IBF
“IMAS is delighted to support WWF in their launch of the Asia Sustainable Finance Initiative (ASFI). The profound global economic impact of climate change cannot be underestimated, and we look forward to working closely with ASFI Knowledge Partners to ensure that the asset management community is fully equipped with the right tools and knowledge to harness opportunities and manage sustainability and climate-related risks. Together, we look forward to creating for ourselves a more sustainable future.”
Carmen Wee, CEO, IMAS
“Climate change impacts the rates of mortality (death) and morbidity (illness) in relation to insurance, annuity, and pension schemes. For example, excessive heat may worsen pre-existing health conditions or vulnerabilities of the elderly population. Insurers are also potentially impacted by both physical and transition risks arising from climate change. Climate change may have a significant impact on the valuation of financial assets, thus affecting the investment portfolios of insurers. Hence, the physical, transition and litigation risks associated with climate change need to be integrated into the finance sector’s daily decision-making to make a difference and impact businesses in the region and globally.  Bringing together the finance sector with other stakeholders such as academic institutions and science-based organisations, ASFI’s mission addresses the need to learn and develop more resilient, climate-smart and resource-efficient economies. On behalf of The Life Insurance Association Singapore, we look forward to working with WWF and the other Knowledge Partners.” 
Pierre-Emmanuel Brard, CIO
AXA Insurance and LIA  Representative for ASFI




WWF Singapore will act as ASFI’s Secretariat, encouraging and coordinating collaboration between all partners. 

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