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Research & Tools

ASFI offers a wide range of resources to help bridge critical gaps in ESG data and analysis, such as interactive tools and research that can complement existing products from commercial data providers.  

ASFI supports the development of sustainable finance research and the implementation of tools by:

  • Offering practical guidance on relevant ESG research and tools and demonstrating how these can be used in the selection, monitoring, and assessment of investee companies’ ESG performance.

  • Ensuring that the needs of regional financial institutions are taken into account as ASFI Knowledge Partners develop sustainable finance tools (e.g. facilitating the participation of banks and investors in working groups during the development process).
    Explore RESPOND, an online tool for responsible investing and SUSBA a tool for sustainable banking.


Visit the ASFI Knowledge Hub to discover more of our Knowledge Partners’ research and tools.

The Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment is a free, open-source tool that allows investors to assess the alignment of portfolios with the Paris Agreement goals and understand if they are cumulating or reducing their exposure to transition risk. The tool uses physical asset-level data on revealed investment and production plans of companies, to capture changes in a portfolio’s technology and fuel mix over the next five years. It then compares the future plans with the International Energy Agency’s 2°C scenario which provides an assessment of the portfolio's (mis) alignment with this scenario. 

Other Focus Areas

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