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Regulations & Guidelines

Regulations and guidelines play a key role in shaping the sustainable finance landscape by providing financial institutions with clear direction, encouraging them to develop rigorous policies and green financial solutions, and helping to level the playing field.

ASFI will support the harmonization and implementation of regulations and guidelines that strengthen the resilience of the regional finance sector by:

  • Interpreting the implications of global regulations for local and regional contexts


  • Evaluating the scientific robustness and regional applicability of emergent disclosure frameworks


  • Identifying gaps in sustainable banking regulations and guidelines to support regulators and industry associations in harmonizing these across Asia


  • Coordinating dialogue between investors and regional stock exchanges to harmonize disclosure and listing requirements in line with TCFD

In 2017 the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released a set of recommendations for how companies and financial institutions should disclose climate-related financial risks and opportunities. ASFI supports financial institutions in understanding how to apply and interpret these recommendations to ensure that they are effectively managing climate risk. 

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