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Green Financial Solutions

The Business & Sustainable Development Commission estimates that achieving the SDGs by 2030 will require at least USD $12 trillion of investment in four key sectors: 1) food and agriculture, 2) cities, 3) energy and materials, and 4) health and well-being. USD $5 trillion of these investment opportunities are in Asia alone. To tap into these opportunities, financial institutions need to design financial products that:


  • Are based on science-based criteria, to ensure necessary impacts on the ground ​​

  • Ensure additionality by enabling investment into projects with positive social and environmental outcomes through innovative structuring to unlock pools of capital

ASFI will support the growth of green financial solutions in Asia by:


  • Supporting the regional application of green financial solution standards such as ecolabels or green bonds standards


  • Participating in the development of green financial solutions with partner financial institutions


  • Encouraging the use of science-based criteria in the development of green financial solutions.


Visit the ASFI Knowledge Hub to see examples of science-based green financial solutions. 

The Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility (TLFF) brings long-term finance to projects and companies to stimulate green growth and improve rural livelihoods. TLFF leverages public funding to unlock private finance for sustainable land use, including in agriculture and ecosystem restoration, and for investments in renewable energy. 

Other Focus Areas

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